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How Google Glass Will Shape The Future Of Enterprises

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The focus of Google Glass is moving from personal adoption to enterprise acceptance. While consumers and early adopters have termed the Glass as pretentious and unfashionable, the potential for Glass in the enterprise is too significant to disregard.
Gartner predicts that wearable technology will emerge as a $10 billion dollar industry by 2016. According to a new google glassresearch report by Goldsmiths, University of London, productivity of employees using wearable technology increased by 8.5%, while job satisfaction levels went up by 3.5%. Developers and companies have already started building remote collaboration enterprise software for Glass, which allows workers real-time access to enterprise data.

Businesses across industries are already using Google Glass. The always-on, cloud recording function is being used by surgeons to record surgeries and interact with medical professionals across the world in real-time. Police departments and security personnel in some countries use it to record traffic violations and cross-reference license plates to identify stolen cars. News, sports and entertainment events recorded from Google Glass wearers can be detected and used to provide content for live broadcasts and context-aware applications.
google glassThe facial recognition software on the Google Glass allows doctors to access a patient’s Electronic Health Records. Customer service representatives across industries have access to a host of features such as looking up a customer’s account details, validating credit history and accessing archives, using simple voice commands.

With the ever increasing need for remote collaboration, the Google Glass – wearable technology could benefit almost every company on the planet, by making communication quicker and easier.

In order for the Google Glass to succeed, IT departments must start preparing to support Glass in their IT architecture and push Glass ready applications to employees.

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