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Live Streaming Apps Meerkat and Periscope: How Do They Stack-up?

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One of the interesting things about the digital age is how older technologies have been adapted for new uses. Take video: People have been filming themselves and others for decades, but live streaming brought video to the web, and to social media. Newer apps and platforms—driven by, and including Meerkat and Periscope — promise to deliver targeted content to site-specific users in a way that benefits both the consumer and the creator. Both allow shareability and searchability of live streaming video, and both have millions of videos and thousands of users, although Periscope has edged Meerkat in popularity. With intense market interest in both the viability and usability of live streaming platforms, watch for continued growth and development in offerings and options for both.

Meerkat & Periscope: Colonizing the Live Streaming Market

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