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Mobile Payment and Digital Wallet

In this post, Rahul takes you through the transition from cash to card and now mobile payment (mPayment). He also highlights some of the popular modes of mobile payment, leading payment services and security challenges associated with mPayment.
Discover a New Dimension in Mobility with NFC

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is presenting a new dimension for enterprises in the way they communicate or exchange information. With NFC tags, any object can be turned into a digital data point that can transfer information to NFC enabled mobile devices using short range radio waves. For enterprises, these
Near Field Communication

NFC, short for Near Field Communication is a short-range wireless RFID technology that makes use of interacting electromagnetic radio fields instead of typical direct radio transmissions used by technologies such as Bluetooth. NFC is considered to be more intuitive, versatile and security ready, both with respect to technology as well