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Machine to Machine (M2M) – What to expect in 2014?

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M2M connections are expected to grow to 18 billion, accounting for revenue generation of $1.3 Trillion in 2022.

The Machine – to – Machine technology is not new; rather it has been there for ages (earlier known as “telemetry”) and has now taken the shape of “Internet of Things”. M2M, in today’s context, is not limited to connected devices alone but rather plays a key role in delivering actionable data, thereby enhancing decision-making efficiency as well as reducing the time-to-market. The technology advancements have led to leveraging the mobile-device/smartphones/tablets in capturing and analysing data from various machines.

The M2M communication in layman terms includes four basic steps:

  • Data collection
  • Data transmission through communication network
  • Data Assessment
  • Responsive Action


M2M coupled with mobility can help in decision making based on the live data feed, provide clues for optimizing or enhancing a product/solution, and thereby delivering better service to end consumers. Data analytics coupled with M2M and advancements in the mobility industry can play pivotal role in shaping the way humans communicate with machines.

One of the most common use case for M2M is smart meters, these smart meters are used for monitoring & managing the energy consumption in household or offices. Leveraging the M2M communication with smartphones and today’s technology, smart meters can provide live feed to house owners smartphone devices.

Other popular implementation is in the automotive industry, with vehicles having smart equipments which communicate with the user’s mobile devices and help the user control the devices from a distant location; such as controlling the car temperature from within the house and ensuring the car is pre-heated before its usage.

Over the past several years, Endeavour has been working with customers across industries in leveraging the power of M2M and building innovating mobile soutions that play a pivotal role in shaping the future of these industries.

Some of the popular implementations of M2M in the industry and apps developed by Endeavour are illustrated below:

Mobile Solutions
Success Statistics
Emission monitor & control, intelligent transport system, fleet management, road safety, toll road management etc
Home Automation App

10,000+ Customers leveraging this solution to manage car pre-heating system and home heating system

Surveillance Solutions, Home or Office Security solutions, Alerts or Alarms, human or object tracking

10,000+ Customers deployed Napco’s security products coupled with Endeavour’s mobile solution to enhance security of their homes and have access to live feeds on their mobile devices

Production Floor Monitoring, Factory Process Automation Solutions

Support for 5,000+ senior executives in monitoring the production floor efficiency

Remote Patient monitoring, wearable health tech device monitoring
Chronic Disease Management

20,000+ home patients using this app to manage chronic diseases

Monitoring, tracking, bill payments for energy, gas, heat, water, oil etc

81,000+ subscribers managing their utility bills by using this app

Developing these many mobile solutions requiring M2M capabilities, Endeavour has led the innovations in M2M space across industry & verticals.

Moving forward, the M2M ecosystem players, namely mobile network operators, system integrators, network m2minfrastructure providers, and leading mobile technology providers would play a crucial role in advancements in machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. These players need to come & work together to monetize the power of M2M (and “Internet of Things”) in coming future. The industry should expect consolidation, and gear up for major advancements in the field. Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Smart Vehicles, Smart Offices is going to be the trend of 2014 and onwards.

Are we ready and well equipped for this future?

Talk to us today for gaining in-depth knowledge of M2M (Machine to Machine) implementations.

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Editor's Desk

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