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Discover A New Dimension In Mobility With NFC

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Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is presenting a new dimension for enterprises in the way they communicate or exchange information. With NFC tags, any object can be turned into a digital data point that can transfer information to NFC enabled mobile devices using short range radio waves. For enterprises, these new data points can significantly impact both internal and external communication with stakeholders. Users can choose to engage with NFC tags to garner additional information on any product or service of their choice, giving a personal and secure touch to these interactions. Enhanced user experience and engagement are the key outcomes on the customer front.

This technology is also supported by leading players like Samsung, HTC and Nokia.Apple’s recent entry into this league, with their NFC enabled phone and wearable device could lead to its accelerated adoption across industries.

A Look at NFC Trends:

  • Shipments exceeded the forecast in 2013
  • Smartphones remain the center for all NFC applications and NFC is seen as a differentiator
  • Implementation of large infrastructures with greater than 500 Million NFC devices in place
  • Non-payment applications are driving current implementations
  • OEMs have identified the added value of NFC and are integrating it in a variety of end equipments

NFC Modes:

  • Reader/Writer mode:A reader/writer can collect and write information on a smart tag. For example, if a NFC tag is attached to a poster, a NFC smartphone can “tap” the tag to access the information stored there. The phone might then display a map to a store, product information, and even a link to the “buy” page.
  • Peer-to-Peer mode: Two NFC devices can exchange data with each other. For example, built in NFC chip in printers can be used to take print outs by bringing NFC enabled phone near it.
  • Card Emulation mode: A NFC device appears to a reader like a contactless payment or transportation card. This mode is used in mobile payments, access points etc.NFC (Near Field Communications) is being innovatively harnessed by enterprises to assist in process compliance, asset management, time and attendance monitoring and facilities management to name a few. Some key benefits offered by NFC include simplicity and convenience along with versatility of use across industries.

A Look at Some Use Cases Across Verticals:

Health and Fitness:Information collected from various food products by NFC enabled phones can be integrated withDiscover a New Dimension in Mobility with NFC the related App. Other NFC enabled health devices could also be integrated with health Apps.

Security: NFC enabled mobile devices can do away with car, home, hotel keys providing a more secure access to these places. Various applications can use this data for generating relevant analytics.

Retail: Retailers can provide faster check-out to customers resulting in enhanced customer experience and loyalty. It could also lead to cost saving for retailers with reduced manpower costs.

While NFC presents a lot of implementation possibilities, there are also some associated challenges like increased complexity and security for enterprises. Integrating and managing these new data points with the existing IT infrastructure and enterprise security standards, is the main challenge lying ahead for enterprises.

While the task of incorporating this new technology into your current ecosystem might seem overwhelming, complicated and expensive, Endeavour – The Mobility Company, can help you leverage NFC to gain tangible results. Our teams are abreast with the latest technologies and can help you leverage it for your business. To know more… Talk to us today.

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Editor's Desk

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