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The All New Google Logo!

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Google did something on September 1st which was unexpected, but not surprising – they remodeled their logo. Again. But this time, they may have actually got it right, despite all the flak from so-called ‘design experts’ who have called the new logo amateurish and unimaginative. It’s no secret that Google has had some trouble finding a logo they actually liked – which made them rejig the color-palette on numerous occasions. When you use primary colors in your logo, there’s a 50 – 50 chance, that it could look repulsive; add to that an ugly looking font, and your logo is the Frankenstein of the design world. But with the new custom geometric sans-serif typeface (called Product Sans) and better color saturation, the new Google logo looks quite at home in the 21st century.

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Google Logo Evolution

But why change now? Does it have something to do with the formation of Alphabet Inc.? Or does it have to do with Sundar Pichai being announced as the new CEO-designate? Maybe it does, but according to Google, the move was to ensure that the new logo is legible across the plethora of devices and platforms where the Google logo now appears, compared to earlier, when it was just a desktop site. They also say that the intention was to combine the purity of geometry with the childlike simplicity of textbook printing (good job coming up with that one!). There are three elements that make up the new Google identity:


The new logo is just 305 bytes, compared to its predecessor which was 14,000bytes. This helps address latency issues on low bandwidth connections.

Dots in Motion:

These 4 dots are perpetually in motion, moving along geometric arcs, to indicate that Google is hard at work in the background trying to serve you. Each movement represents a specific expression like listening, thinking, replying etc.


The biggest change here is the transformation from smaller-case to upper-case.  Also, all the four primary/secondary colors used in the logo are also incorporated into the favicon to ensure consistency, unlike earlier, where the ‘g’ was either only in blue or white, against a blue background.

Evolution of Google Favicons

People are averse to change – the unknown scares them. But think of it this way – do you continue to wear a tee that you’ve outgrown? No. You go buy a new one; something that’s keeping pace with the times we live in. Similarly, brands need to shed their old skin once in a while, to demonstrate to their customers that they’re evolving too. Though Google has been toying around with their color-palettes and shadow effects occasionally, they have never really overhauled their brand identity, until now. And this new Google avatar is a welcome change. It effortlessly communicates the brand’s persona – simple, creative and playful. Design is best kept clutter-free and simple; had Google made drastic changes to its identity, haters would’ve cast more aspersions on the brand.

Haters will hate, but we quite like the new Google logo! Do you? Let us know what you think, by casting your vote below.

What do you think about the new Google logo/identity?

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