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How To Improve Manufacturing ROI In A Cloud Environment

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Remote Device Management (RDM) is now possible with ubiquitous data access powered by Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity and cloud computing which has led to improved manufacturing ROI in a Cloud Environment. Manufacturers are exercising increased visibility and control with real time remote monitoring and diagnostics solutions. Devices have also become more reliable with the reduction in failure or breakdown rates with RDM. The applications span across areas like remote monitoring of various device components, remote fixing of issues and service scheduling based on predictive models.

Ensuring intended device performance with maximum up-time tops the priority list for manufacturers. Hence, a significant section of their resources are deployed for post-market services. However, with remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, manufacturers can achieve cost savings, efficiency gains, revenue opportunities and competitive advantage.

Here are some key areas where remote monitoring and diagnostics could help manufacturers:

Remote Diagnostics of Issues:Data related to device performance and history can be used to diagnose malfunctions without any intervention

Remote Repairing:Experts can remotely repair, adjust, or administer devices without physically going to the device, reducing on-site field visits by up to 30%

Resource Utilization:Manufacturers can intelligently utilize service experts located across the globe, while reducing service delivery time and travel expenses. With this, improved field service engineer productivity of up to 25% could be also be achieved

Software Installation, Distribution, and Upgrade:With remote software management capabilities, automated device updates can be performed using a secure mechanism, reducing software duplication issue and shipping costs. Manufacturers can also roll out customized software releases mapped to individual devices.

How to Improve Manufacturing ROI in a Cloud Environment

Remote monitoring solutions are based on a cloud platform, and the collected device data is passed to a real-time monitoring server through an internet gateway. Based on the intelligence level of the device, it conveys data ranging from device performance metrics to context details. Manufacturers also receive failure alerts, based on which the devices are handed off to the support teams for resolving issues. With this, customer downtime is significantly reduced and in some cases issues are resolved even before the customer is aware of it.

Customers could greatly benefit, if remote monitoring and diagnostics solutions could cover the complete environment in which the device is located. The differentiating value the manufacturers could get with this is the workflow understanding and how any change within it impacts the end result for the customer. This information could be of high value to the R&D, marketing and sales teams, and could lead them to develop more customer-targeted products.

As devices become “smarter”, and provide access to a large amount of real-time data, analysis and interpretation aspects become more important and complex. While remote monitoring and diagnostics presents a lot of significant benefits, concern for confidentiality and security are critical at many workplaces. Hence, security layers have to be incorporated in these solutions, allowing users to perform their jobs effectively, while also protecting the sensitive enterprise information.

Rapid adoption of RDM bundled with proven analytics will positively impact the bottom line for businesses, much faster than anticipated. Improved machine productivity, shortened troubleshooting and repair cycles and lower warranty support costs are the key factors leading to increased efficiency. Manufacturers can attain higher ROI’s, with an integrated suite of solution covering remote monitoring, diagnostics and data analytics.

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