The video takes a look at how cloud has become a key success element for financial institutions, and also the numerous ways in which it is being leveraged to drive greater benefits for the banking and financial services industry.
hybrid cloud

Businesses are increasingly looking towards Hybrid cloud solutions to maximize productivity and cut costs. Here’s how the Hybrid cloud is gradually, but consistently, capturing the imaginations of businesses globally. Embed this infographic to your site:
Mobile App Analytics

Mobile is today the most rapidly emerging digital marketing channel, connecting brands with end users in the most personalized ways. However, the rules of the game have been redefined with rise of mobile analytics. Businesses are monitoring users’ mobile activities to identify latent needs, as engagements are moving beyond trigger
How Analytics is Driving the Next Big Leap in Financial Services

Financial institutions are fast embarking on a data-driven journey. Here’s how analytics is leading this big leap in the financial services industry. Embed this infographic to your site:
Cloud Migration

In today’s ever competitive global business landscape, diverse technology offerings are enabling organizations to derive strategic business advantages. While these new developments are presenting significant benefits for enterprises, they have also drastically changed the face of IT. Businesses are demanding flexibility and agility in technology, supporting mission-critical business processes to
Data Analytics

With Analytics adoption rate at an all time high, the Big Data market is only going to get bigger in 2015. Here’s a look at key what businesses are looking at prior to investment.   Embed this infographic to your site:
Cloud Security Tips

A survey conducted by KPMG reveals that 45% of the of top IT executives cited data loss and data privacy concerns as the primary reason for why they are still apprehensive of migrating to the cloud. Cloud Security has been one of the top concerns for Enterprises and SMEs alike
Predictive Analytics

In the ever-expanding universe of Big Data, predictive analytics is an approach which can leverage the diverse data an organization accumulates, to model future business scenarios and outcomes. The value of predictive analysis lies in the fact that it sheds light on the right path, leading the way to better
Mobile-Cloud Convergence

‘The Third Platform’ as dubbed by IDC, is a new paradigm whereby storage and data processing are migrated from mobile devices to computational clouds, and converged into a unified, symbiotic platform of mobile-cloud. With increased reliability on mobile devices, cloud storage and services are essential to enhancing the functionalities and
Make Your Mark in the Enterprise with Cloud

Not only has cloud moved to the mainstream with an adoption rate of about 90%, it has also been identified as the new standard for application development by Gartner. Enterprises are leveraging cloud solutions to deliver strategic elements of their business, ranging from SaaS-based business intelligence applications to external customer