Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

This post explores a few of the cross-platform mobile app development tools available in the market today, summarizing their key strengths and weaknesses.
Apple Watch Review

Avinash (AB), VP – IT at Endeavour, does an Apple Watch Review. He talks about the hits & misses with watchOS 2, and also shares a few enterprise use cases.
watchOS 2 for Apple Watch app developers

Apple also introduced watchOS 2 during its Keynote at WWDC 2015. Here’s a quick look at how watchOS 2 is different from its predecessor.
Digital Transformation Strategy

This post looks at the impact of digital transformation on enterprises and how businesses can carve out the right strategy to prepare for a digital future.
IoT Adoption in Enterprises

This post delves into the impact IoT will have on business and technology landscapes over the next 5 years and how it’ll affect enterprises.
Enterprise Digitization + Enterprise Digital Transformation

This post looks at the top 5 considerations for enterprises before they decide to embark on their (Enterprise Digital Transformation) EDT journey.
iOS 9

This post take a look at some of the key features on iOS 9, announced during WWDC 2015, which app developers can leverage for their apps.
BigData and BI

This video travels through time to look at some of the pioneers in the analytics space, and also at some of the early use cases. We also explore how businesses today are leveraging analytics, to augment customer-experiences across touch-points. Make sure you share your thoughts in the comments section below!
Cloud Driving Strategic Growth for Businesses

Cloud has evolved to become a key strategic value driver for businesses in various functional and IT areas. Here’s a look at the top verticals and their key priorities areas while considering cloud, the business impact and common concerns associated with cloud adoption. Embed this infographic to your site:

Mobility has been on an accelerated growth trajectory since the dawn of the new millennium and it continues to grow at a pace that is unprecedented. Hence, it comes as no surprise that mobile plays a big part today, in providing enterprises with business critical data that is both, insightful