Mobile Payment and Digital Wallet

In this post, Rahul takes you through the transition from cash to card and now mobile payment (mPayment). He also highlights some of the popular modes of mobile payment, leading payment services and security challenges associated with mPayment.
M2M and IoT affecting privacy

M2M and IoT may be a boon for businesses looking to know their customers better, but do customers feel the same way? Are customers fine with brands scouring through their digital footprints, to tailor the services to their needs? And where do businesses draw the line?
Digital Transformation Journey

The post takes a look at the ever evolving digital economy, while deep diving into the key ingredients that comprise a successful digital transformation journey. It also brings into the spotlight, some real world success stories depicting the role of these elements.
M2M in Smart Cars

In this post, Avinash talks about his tryst with cars, explores how M2M applications are driving the car diagnostics industry, and how it’s furthering the smart car agenda. He also discusses a few challenges this industry faces and proposes a few solutions.
Personal Assistant Apps

In this post, Roxana has carefully handpicked the top 5 personal assistant mobile apps available on App Stores, across iOS, Android and Microsoft, that will allow you to optimize your day-to-day activities and boost productivity.
Retail Cloud

The retail industry is at a saturation point, and it has the option to either scale or stagnate. Are you for or against it? Here are a few crucial points to bear in mind before you decide either way.
Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life

With Microsoft pulling the plug on support for Windows Server 2003, businesses are faced with a dilemma – to migrate or not? Here are a few implication of not moving and a few suggestions if you decide to make the move.
Google Nest Cam

With a slew of tangible devices and technologies, Google has made it amply clear that they want to be a force to reckon with in the devices market as well. Their most recent offering being Nest Cam, the product that came out of the Nest and Dropcam wedlock. Read on to learn more.
Digital Transformation + Marketing

Learn how the marketing organization is helping businesses usher in a new dawn, by playing an instrumental role in enabling digital transformation.
Digital Transformation Puzzle

A fun crossword puzzle for IT leaders and enablers to check their digital transformation quotient. If you get ALL the answers right, you’re a digital god!