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Xamarin Evolve 2014

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Paving the way for a brand New Xamarin experience

Endeavour, a premier Xamarin consulting partner, was a proud sponsor at the Xamarin Evolve 2014. The sheer enthusiasm surrounding the event was an experience in itself. To give you an idea, the event had over 1,200 mobile developers from around 99 countries. On top of this, there were an additional 100+ joining via live stream. The 5 day event comprised of technical training classes, keynote sessions, Xammy awards as well as a host of interactive Q&A sessions. It was not just work and no play at the Xamarin Evolve. The special Xamarin lounge offered the developers a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy a game or two on gaming consoles, or just get together for a game of foosball.

Xamarin Evolve

The event started with keynote from Mr. Nat Friedman, CEO of Xamarin. He invited Florin Rotar of Avanade on stage to discuss about digital business and how C-level executives can focus better on mobile and cloud. Nat also invited Rod Smith of IBM to showcase the Xamarin SDK, developed by IBM, for work-light integration and which can be easily integrated with any backend system.

There was an array of big-ticket announcements, by Miguel De Icaza, CTO of Xamarin.Here is a round-up of some of the new tools and some enhancements to the existing Xamarin tools:

Android PlayerXamarin solved one of the Google Simulator issue. As we all know google emulators are very slow. Xamarin released their own simulator which is simple and fast. This Android player is integrated with IDE.

Xamarin Profiler: Xamarin now has a great profiler that actually looks at the app from a Mono/.NET point of view. This is similar to iOS instruments. Mac version of the tool will OSX look and feel and windows will have a metro look.

Xamarin Sketches: This is a live, interactive coding environment which allows you to experiment by typing in commands in the sketches window. As a long time user of the Visual Studio Immediate window and LINQPad, it will be very useful to be able to run commands on an android or iOS device quickly and directly without having to recompile.

Xamarin Insights: Xamarin announced the release of Xamarin Insights, a real-time monitoring service that helps improve apps by tracking crashes and exceptions, and by providing insights into what is happening with your live users.Xamarin insights is a framework that will help to detect problems and keep the quality and user experience on a high level. Moreover, monitoring your apps’ behaviour can give you a lot of new insights. This can be Xamarin’s own analytics framework. This actually helps C# developer to understand the problem easily when compare to other native error tracking frameworks which needs Xamarin wrapper to use it.

Xamarin Test Cloud: Improved test cloud with added features like-

  • Xamarin UITest: The new automated UI testing framework that harnesses the power of the C# language to create Xamarin Evolvebeautiful, readable, first-class test code with all the power of the .NET framework.
  • Improved Capture Tools: Screen recording in Xamarin Test Cloud enables developers to see video playback of an app running through its test cases, capturing the full testing flow, including animations.
  • Test Execution Enhancements: One of the most exciting announcements for Xamarin Test Cloud is hyper-parallel test execution. Hyper-parallel test execution splits a test suite into chunks and then executes the chunks in parallel on equivalent devices. This drops the execution time from around 2.5 hours to just 12 minutes

IBM and Xamarin Partnership:In order to support Xamarin developers, Xamarin has partnered with IBM on two initial integrations:

  • IBM MobileFirst SDK for Xamarin: pre-built software library that Xamarin and IBM developers can embed in their mobile apps to connect, secure and manage the apps using IBM Worklight, a part of the IBM MobileFirst portfolio.
  • IBM MobileFirst Add-Ons for Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio: Extensions that enable developers to configure and access the IBM Worklight server from a single environment.
  • Xamarin.Forms Components Ecosystem: Six major .NET component vendors have transformed over 140 existing charts, graphs, gauges, and grids into Xamarin.Forms-compatible, cross-platform mobile controls.

The event was a great opportunity for Xamarin developers to interact and also to know about the upcoming updates. The Xamarin classroom made sure that there was in-depth knowledge transfer about all of these features. Team Endeavour had a great experience at the event and look forward to work on all these new features and integrate them with our offerings. Endeavour – The Mobility Company, can help you achieve tangible results with our proven expertise on the Xamarin platform. Our teams are abreast with the latest technologies and can help you take advantage of these in your business.To know more… Talk to us today.

Author Ramananda Shetty Technical Architect
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Editor's Desk
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