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Mobile App Development Services

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This blog explores the approach of leveraging reusable components for mobile application development to ensure Mobile App Developmentreduced time to market & cost.

The approach towards mobile application development has evolved over the last few years, and the credit goes to the phenomenal growth of Mobility industry. There are plethora of devices, OSes, screen resolutions available in the market, making the life of the CIO of an organization really difficult when it comes to choosing the right technology.

The industry experts are discussing the right approach for mobile app development, should we build a native app or a hybrid app or a mobile web solution? It is a debatable discussion and the conclusion is: it all depends on the expectations customer has from the solution. This whitepaper by Endeavour’s Technology Competency Group, illustrates the benefits of each approach and recommends which approach is suitable under what conditions.

Mobile App DevelopmentNow a days, there are multiple app development frameworks available in the market such as Titanium, Phonegap, etc. which help in app development across multiple platforms without doing development for each platform separately, thereby reducing cost and time to market. But there are disadvantages in this methodology as well.

Another approach being leveraged by mobility organizations is to develop reusable components library which ultimately helps in reducing development time and thereby reducing the cost of the solution. But this approach is still in evolving stage and the mobility experts are evaluating the pros & cons of the same.

One of the key advantages of this approach is it helps the developer to identify the key components or functions which can be created as a reusable library and then leverage the same for reducing time to market as well as cost for the customer. From the customer’s perspective it removes the uncertainties pertaining to the mobile application development cost.

Endeavour’s Services as a Package (SaaP) is a dedicated offering to help our customers leverage our reusable component frameworks & choose from pre-defined packages to build their mobile solution.

“You need only $ 10,000 to kick-start your first mobility initiative.”

The packages include categories such as Starter, Lite, Extra, and Power. Each package has different functional features such as social media integration, maps integration, sensor integration, image/audio/video integration, screen resolutions and many more. The advantages of this offering include defined scope, managed cost, alongwith flexibility to choose the features required by the customer. Since it leverages the reusable components, it helps reduce the cost as well the time to market while maintaining superior quality of the product.

Explore our packaged offering and give your mobility initiative a final push! Talk to us now.

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Editor's Desk

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Editor's Desk
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